TIME ...exceptional creations. ....Let's see what we discovered

 Welcome to everyone on this site.

 A timepiece described in many languages, articles and widely known for its simplicity.

In many languages, references were made to the history of the clock each time with the same content....

However, there is much more of timepieces and pictures from those watches  that nowhere have a description and do exist !

Finding information for this pocketwatches  is not easy, we were able to learn a lot through website, old documents and books, and are grateful to those who could help us with anything for their old documents from international collectors .

To this reason, the website was developed .

We do not want to stop the roskopf history ....it needs to stay alive for forever.

Through the years, however, we were surprised to see how do exist these  .... not the quantity of production but by the different images, concepts and references that the Roskopf watch shows at a major event.

Roskopf timepieces make the search even more exciting if it appears  watch and production documents are matching together .


From the beginning of the collection, and after a thorough search of work, however, you are faced with a particular moment, a moment in which once again shows that the collection is still not complete.


This timepiece has just again a little different .... and let it precisely this that makes collecting fun.

Old watch Roskopf documents leaves a whole range information shows that can be used for further search.

We are always looking to purchase special Roskopf watches, or old documents.

 Site under construction !

A smal part from our collection is been put on this site to help other find some information .Looking for more please let us know .

 Thanks to the amount of reaction i have recieved from especially international collectors .

In case you want to sell a roskopf watch or parts please do leave me a message .

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